We Got Tiger

Still the World's Best!


Various sports have had certain stars whose performances, records and achievements eventually became the standard.

Basketball had the spectacular Michael Jordan, baseball had the brilliant Ken Griffey Jr.,and soccer had Brazilian legend Pele.

For a long time, Tiger Woods has been the shining light of the golfing world. He recently announced that he underwent another surgery – his fourth in three years as he battles back spasms. The immediate effect is that even his most ardent fans would not see him in action for the rest of the year despite the surge of hope last year. Woods has not featured in four official PGA Tour rounds since August 2015. He had his last win on the Tour in 2013 but he is now a shadow of his former self.

Now when setbacks, injuries, and issues come up, some dismiss the golfer as a goner while the rest remain sympathetic and hopeful of a comeback. His record since 2009 seems to be eroding the legacies he set earlier. His greatness is rubbished increasingly and there is no excitement around his name. He is now the poster boy (or man) for staying past your prime as an athlete.

Looking at past top athletes that went out this way, it almost wiped their achievements: Evander Holyfield comes to mind as he remained past 40 years despite struggling; Brett Favre’s bad end rubbished his NFL personality, the last decade of Griffey was disappointing despite his brilliant career start, Willie Mays’ over 20-year career was seriously blighted in his final days.

Since Woods’ private life went public, that was the beginning of the end and it has been eight years. He has been playing but he seems he is just not there. Then there is this grand dream of Woods going past title No. 14. With the way things are going, Woods might end up tarnishing his legacy in the great game.




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