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Tiger Opts Out Of PGA

The PGA Championship 2016 that was hosted last weekend was conspicuous with Tiger Wood’s absence.

This is probably the first time in his career that he has been missing out on the major tournaments in golf. This major tournament continued without Tiger’s participation this year, which was a first since 1994. However, this came as no surprise to the golf world. The Baltusrol Golf Club stated that they had gotten in touch with the agent of Tiger Woods. He had confirmed that he would not be participating in this year’s championship event. Tiger Woods is considered to be the four time PGA champion. The latest championship event that was held was the 98th one.

This season, Woods has been missing out most of the major events and this marks the first of the PGA Championship. He has won a total of 14 major tournaments spanning his career. This year he would be missing four major events which are considered prestigious titles in the golf world. He has been suffering injuries which have forced him and prevented him from participating in two straight major events.

This has happened about three times in past years, which were due to different injuries he suffered. He prevailed in the US Open in 2008. After that he had to go in for a knee surgery. This forced him to give up golf. He also passed off the PGA and British Open that year. After three years he was plagued by leg injuries for which he missed out the Open Championship and US Open. He came back for the PGA tournament in 2011 but he missed out the cut. He took himself out of the professional career and missed out Masters in 2014 as he underwent three procedures of microdisectomy. His fans are hoping to see him come back to the field soon.

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