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Gold star Tiger Woods has revealed that there are no plans to return to the game until next April. He wants to fully recover before he returns to competitive golf.

His back issues continue to hold him back – he had his fourth surgery in April.

The star is not even hitting full shots yet as he revealed in his latest post on his website. He claims he is hitting around 60-yard shots but he continues to chip and putt every day. He adds that he works out six days in a week as he works on his muscle tone.

“I’m not in golf shape yet. That’s going to take time,” he says. He adds that he is keen on following his doctor’s advice as he is not sure what his body can allow. He is set to receive his six-month back X-rays so he would know the next step to take.

The 41-year old would be an assistant captain for the US at the Presidents Cup. This would be his first competition since his withdrawal from the Dubai event after the first round. He has hosted friendlies though – he claimed he has putting contests with Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler.

He continues to attract concern from golf fans with regards to his struggles. He was arrested in May for DUI with different drugs including pain and sleep found in his system. The star has won 79 times on the PGA Tour and holds the record for longest run in the number one spot for 683 weeks. Now he has been reduced to sitting outside of the top 1000 after four years of barren run spiced with shocking poor form and long term injuries.



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