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Everyone is waiting to praise his personal emancipation. But the only thing to respect is the legendary talent of this golfer.

During early 2010, when Tiger Woods at a press conference, he apologized to the world about his serial adultery, he made a promise to Hank Haney, his then-coach and friend.

He said “When I will play golf again, I will play for myself, I am not going to play for my mom or dad or Mark Steinberg the [agent] or Steve Williams the [caddie], or my foundation or Nike, you, or even the fans. My game will be only for myself”.
“Till that moment,” authors Armen Keteyian and Jeff Benedict write in their rich, thorough, and depressing new biography named Tiger Woods, “He had never acknowledged that he has played for his Mom and dad or anyone else”.
They write, “His vehicle was golf. This was his victories that brought out tears and hugs from his father. Golf was the only thing that kept Woods parents together. But now the family of Woods is ruined and his personal reputation in tatters. Now, he was finally asked some difficult questions about his motivations and his upbringing from himself”.
This year Woods is at 42, and after the spinal fusion surgery, he is showing signs of a lasting recovery. In five official starts of the year he has gone from hacking the ball from the rough to the bunker, which seems like a decent duplicate of the Tiger of old, hoisting a pair of trophies nearly in March. More significantly, during any of this event, the back of Woods hasn’t split in half. Even He neither winces after lashing a 129-mile-per-hour swing, this is not the fastest on tour this year— nor he bows delicately when picking his ball from the cup.
To know more about the personal life of Tiger Woods one can refer his biography.

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